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Meng-Wei, Seth & Grace

I LOVE referrals, and I especially love photographing people that I’ve met at clients weddings. Meng Wei and Seth had been at TWO weddings we’d photographed before their session, so they were definitely familiar faces. As one might expect though, I had NOT had the previous pleasure of meeting their beautiful daughter, Grace. Here’s a handful of photos from my Family Session with this lovely family.

New Photographic Inspiration

I had been very interested in this camera from the first time I saw it. It’s small, high quality, has GREAT reviews from just about every professional photographer I’ve read reviews from and above all, it looks VERY MUCH like my dads old Leica 3f. I’ve always yearned to get the modern version of my dads 60 year old camera, but unfortunately Leica’s price point is quite a bit out of my reach. This however was IN reach and is regularly being compared to the Leica.
Anyway, I took it out this weekend as my only camera and even though I still have a ways to go to get used to it, I really loved using it and it’s fixed 35mm lens. Between carrying this small camera with one lens and shooting mostly in B&W, I was really having nostalgia of my early days playing with my first SLR. I’m thinking (even though I love the “Velvia” mode) I may try to keep it shooting primarily B&W for a long while.
Here’s a bunch of photos I took last weekend with the camera. These are STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CAMERA (no enhancement of any kind).
I’m really loving the tones and dynamic range in some of the B&W’s….and of course, the incredible colors replicating those that I used to get shooting Velvia film.